Ignorance is Bliss


For our first project in motion graphics we learned how to create videos and animation in Adobe After Effects.


We were asked to spend a few weeks creating a typographic video for a song of our choice. 

I had learned the basics of motion before and thought I would try and take something challenging and so I went with the first verse of Kendrick's 
Ignorance is Bliss.

The song, while at face value, is about gang violence and Kendrick showing off his wordplay and rapping prowess,
I believe it is grasping onto a larger scope of our ignorance being bliss. He goes through the mentalities of individuals, taking on roles of people taking advantage of others and ending with Ignorance is Bliss as if to show their lack of empathy and inability to see the larger consequences and rippling effects of their actions allow
them to lead lives without
regret for their mistakes.