SOAAH Wayfinding


For this project, we were asked to create an identity and wayfinding system for the University of Oklahoma School of Art & Art History. Our group for this project consisted of Casey Callahan, Katie Garrison, and myself.


With the redesign of the University of Oklahoma Arts district, we proposed an identity based on the idea of openness, a space for collaboration across schools, majors, classrooms, and individual students. The visual statement would be to use literal transparent materials to showcase an open and collaborative environment as well as, metaphorically allow others into our spaces, giving people room to grow, explore, and expand their understanding of not only their artforms, but others around them. Another aspect of our ideas is the use of edges to allow multiple planes to interact as our adjacent focuses may intersect and blend. 




Outdoor Sculpture


As part of our redesign we proposed outdoor sculptures as a way of promoting the art school while giving an interactive element in the open air. We would like to have either or of the large ART sculpture or a piece on the front face of the building itself, 





Our signage is based on the concept of our individualities coming together in an open environment bringing our unique qualities together to create a larger unified identity that is unique on its own. Each shape is derived from a base quadrilateral.



Digital Interfaces


For this, we are continuing the idea of transparencies and we are looking to integrate digital signage into our work to allow a smooth integration of technology allowing for more guided maps within key points of the school as well as advertisements of what is happening within the School of Art and Art History.

For the Students our idea is to incorporate more open spaces and to renovate existing spaces to allow for more exhibition space that allows for the work to take precedence over the architectural style of the particular space, or housing for the work.





Our icons were built based on the idea of seperate lines and intersecting planes coming together while still showing their individuality and unique characters.