Windows Calendar


For about two years I tried out the Windows mobile OS and found it to be a decent product that sadly had little support from third party markets, but found the majority of the native system to be very customizable and interesting, but found the design and user interface to be a bit clunky at times. 


One of the biggest complaints I had was the lack of a horizontal view in the native Windows Calendar application. The calendar system was well built for a task or list oriented person, but as for me, I enjoy find being able to visually see the time blocks.

Therefore, I spent a few weeks creating a horizontal view that would keep within the existing Windows design system, while adding ease of use for more visual customers such as myself.

Each weekday view is compromised of a visual representation of time that is scrollable along side a task view which is linked to the visual view. The user can tap any of the existing tasks on either bar to show more of the event including location and more depending on where the event was imported from. For instances where there are multiple scheduled events, the events will appear in smaller columns.


Mock-up created with Invision and resized to fit a Windows Lumia screen.