My name is Robbie Tanizawa


I am a Japanese American designer & artist from Washington, Oklahoma. From a young age I have had a love of creating things, the process of taking an idea and making it real. In the past few years
I have had the chance to grow in my passion for creating as well as learning valuable skills in design principles, researching deeply, thinking broadly, making many iterations, and finding reason for what
I do best. Make things. 


I enjoy existence, as broad of a statement that is.

I am a bit nerdy and enjoy spending time hanging out with friends playing video games or card games. 
I am a Christian and was very active with the University of Oklahoma InterVarsity Chapter.
I'm an INFP if you follow that I/E is pretty flexible.. Ravenclaw(Slytherin)/Pukwudgie I kind of like everything which makes decisions hard.