For this project, I went to the Norman bus system (Cleveland Area Rapid Transit) and found areas that were working well, and problem points within their existing systems. The current system covers many different areas, but does so in a fragmented and confusing way.


With this project I decided to take on the task of rebranding the Cart identity as well as recreate the following products and pieces of the system.


The goal for this project was to create a system that could eventually encompass the greater OKC area taking in Embark as well as other city bus systems and creating a single larger network or being an umbrella organization with linking routes between the surrounding cities.



OKConnect Map/Routing


The second part of the project focused on rerouting the city bus system around a more central location in Norman. I am proposing to move the transfer station, which is currently located on Brooks Street, to  Main and Berry near Norman High.  This would allow the bus system to move from being majority loops to straight routes that follow major roads. 


This would allow for passengers to make quicker trips across town, with buses arriving at stops more frequently.

OKConnect App


As part of the OKConnect identity and usability,  I rebuilt their phone application to work similarly to the Google Map iOS interface.

After researching the way different bus route applications were built and looking at popular map applications I decided to merge a few ideas while mostly drawing from Google Map's simplicity and minimal interface.


It allows you to either search a destination and find the best route there, view routes, or simply search around the map or for specific stops. 


Logo & Icons



To begin with, I created a new logo and icon system based on the font Helvetica Neue Bold Italic. The icon system is particularly created around the lowercase o. This was to increase readability, while still giving the brand a unique look and feel that would read forward motion and connection.