Typographic Monthly 12 Snow


This is my take on a 20th century Swiss Type Magazine cover. I decided I wanted to create type out of objects, and to do it in a fairly minimal area and decided to try creating the word Typography out of trash in a large parking lot, but during the process of the project there was a large snowstorm, and I quickly changed to using the snow.

I waited until most of the snow had melted and collected large chunks of snow in my truck and built this with each letter roughly 2x3 feet in size out of the snow and ice. After building it
I realized I had built it a bit too large to get a good top down photograph from the top of my truck and so the composition was rebuilt in order to show the depth and materiality of the project.


Typographic Monthly 12 Grid


For this rendition of the cover I pulled more from their earlier works that played with the numerical forms and counter spaces.


I decided to take the challenge of working with the number 12 as it had interesting interactions as well as the fact that it has two forms. For my 
composition, I focused on the negative space
built between the two forms and set the informational type in the left corner to mimic
the angle of the whitespace.